Full Livery Agreement Template

If you`re in the business of owning or leasing horses, it`s essential to have a full livery agreement in place. Such an agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the provision of livery services, including the care, feeding, and housing of horses. An effective full livery agreement template will help to protect all parties involved and ensure that all expectations are met.

Here are a few critical elements that must be included in a full livery agreement:

1. Definitions of Terms: The agreement should define any terms that might be ambiguous or could be interpreted in different ways. This includes clear definitions of words such as “horse,” “owner,” “livery charges,” and “stable yard.”

2. Scope of Services: The agreement should clearly state what services will be provided by the livery yard. This might include stabling, feeding, exercising, veterinary care, and tack and equipment storage.

3. Payment Terms: Payment terms should be spelled out in the agreement, including any required deposits, livery charges, and billing dates.

4. Responsibilities of the Owner: The owner`s responsibilities should be outlined in the agreement, such as providing necessary health records, notifying staff of any behavioral or medical conditions, and paying for damages caused by their horse.

5. Responsibilities of the Livery Yard: The agreement should also outline what the livery yard is responsible for. This might include providing safe and clean stabling, feeding, providing adequate pasture time, and keeping the horse in good health.

6. Termination: The agreement should outline the process for terminating the agreement, whether it be due to non-payment, breach of terms by either party, or termination by either party.

7. Insurance: It`s important to include language related to insurance, both for the livery yard and the horse owner. This might include insurance requirements, what is covered, and what is not covered.

In conclusion, a full livery agreement is an essential document for any horse owner or livery yard to have in place. An effective agreement will protect all parties involved and ensure that all expectations are met. Make sure your agreement is thorough, specific, and covers all necessary aspects of horse care and ownership.